Beijing Escort Agency: The History Of Beijing

As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty in 1046, King Wu proclaimed that Beijing and the surrounding area are named Yan, the capital is located in LiuLihe town which belongs to Fangshan District of Beijing. These sites are still there. Qin Dynasty set Beijing as Jixian. In 1153, Jin emperor built his capital in Beijing officially. (This is considered as a starting point to compute the history of Beijing as a capital) Since then the capital of Yuan Dynasty and Qing Dynasty were both established here. In Yongle reign of Ming Dynasty, in order to defense Mongolian Army conveniently, Yongle Emperor Zhu Li moved the capital to Beijing. Since then, Beijing has become the new capital of the Ming Dynast. In the early year of Ming Dynasty, the capital was moved to YingTianFu (now Nanjing). Dadu road was renamed as Peking House in August of the first year of Hongwu. In October of the same year, it was transferred to Shandong province for the military needs. In the March of the next year of Hongwu, it was changed to Peking Chengxuan administrative commissioner's resident. Yan Wang ZhuLi won the throne after the JingNan incident and then renamed Peking to Bejing In the first year of Yongle. This is what we call XINGZAI (where a city is not the capital, but the emperor lives there, we call it XINGZAI) What's more, they are in the Permanent Mission. From that moment, Beijing got its name nowadays. On 31 January 1949, General Fu Tso-yi reached a peace agreement with the Chinese Communist Party, and led 250,000 Kuomintang armies to convert to Chinese Communist Party. People's Liberation Army surged forward into the Peiping municipal and achieved the liberation of Beijing. On 27 September of the same year, the CPPCC adopted the resolution about China’s Capital, Calendar, National Anthem and National Flag of the People's Republic by the First Plenary Session. Peking renamed Beijing.

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