Beijing Escort Agency: Survival Chinese

Though many people in China can handle basic communication in English, it is very helpful and even fun to able to talk to locals in their native language. There are an incredible number of dialects spoken in China, all using the same written Han language; there are so many dialects infact, Chinese people themselves speaking different dialects often must communicate in Putonghua (the common language or Mandarin, the local dialect of Beijing that became the national language). All of these different dialects will make it even more difficult for visitors to make themselves understood by people on the street.

In order to help customers, many hotels provide translators or English speaking staff to help tourists. Street signs for major streets are in pinyin - the Chinese system of Romanization; this will make it easier to get around with the help of a map. Applying Murphy's law, visitors are still encouraged to have addresses or instructions written down in Chinese characters on flash cards for taxi drivers so that you can atleast get back to your hotel if you are lost.


The following are some useful phrases to get you around in China:


Hello/How are you ? Ni Hao?
Good-bye Zai jian
Thank you Xie Xie
I'm sorry / excuse me Dui bu qi
No problem Mei you wen ti
How much does it cost ? Duo shao qian
Wait a moment Deng yi xia
No, don't have Mei you
It doesn't matter Mei you guan xi
I want Wo yao
Good Hao
Possible Xing
Not possible Bu Xing
Restaurant fan dian
taxi chu zu qi che
telephone dian hua
hotel bin guan
train huo che
toilet ce suo
one yi
two er
three san
four si
five wu
six liu
seven qi
eight ba
nine jiu
ten shi

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