Shanghai to beijing

When I got on the coach in Shanghai I knew that my coming to Beijing was the right decision, I had been thinking about it for ages and planned and saved so I could stay at a cheap hotel for a few weeks while I got a job and my first wages. I had dreamed of coming to Beijing since I was a little girl and had seen the pictures on TV of all the sights and sounds and Beijing was such a beautiful place in the day and especially at night.


I had just had my 18th birthday last week and my parents were sad that I was leaving them and Shanghai but they had known of my plans for years so it was no big surprise for them. I had come to Beijing to work in a club as I loved to dance and had worked for a club in Shanghai for a few weeks and had loved it, I just felt so sexy dancing for men and they all loved my body as I had a very sexy toned body with a large 36DD chest and a trim size 6 waist. I had never had any problems getting men in Shanghai and had always loved the attention and how men who do anything just to see my body.


I was coming to Beijing to work at one of the best dancing clubs, I had sent them my details only 2 weeks ago and they had begged me to come to Beijing and even found me a flat to rent in a few weeks time. It was amazing, all my dreams had come true at once and I really felt I was on the way to all my dreams coming true. When I went to the club for the interview they all seemed very friendly and the club was amazing and I even met Mr chen the owner who was such a nice man. So here I was on the coach at the start of my journey and I was just so excited, I was sitting next to a girl called CiCi who was also coming to Beijing to work but she was going to be an beijing Escort. She told me how she had worked in Beijing last year and it was amazing and the money was so good that she went travelling for a whole year!


CiCi told me how she had been on some amazing dates and met some fantastic men and she was earning CNY650 per hour! That was amazing I thought as there was no way I could earn that dancing in a club as you only got CNY100 per dance. The more I talked to CiCi about working as an Escort the more I liked it! She was saying how she never earned less than CNY6000 per week and the agency always gave her nice clients and most of the time she was just a trophy girlfriend for the guy to show off with. She gave me her number and told me that if the dancing didn't work out then give her a call and she would introduce me to the agency.


When we both got off the coach we kissed good bye and wished each other luck and promised to stay in touch. I was so excited at the finally being here in Beijing I jumped straight on a tour bus and saw all the sights including The Summer Palace, The Great Wall, Sanlitun, after the sea and loads more? I had even filled up the memory card on my camera so when I got off the bus I popped into boots to develop the memory card as they have a machine to do this.

I was devastated as I reached into my back pack my purse and all my money had gone..What was I going to do? The nice woman who worked at boots called the police for me who came quite quickly but informed me that pick pockets were rife in Beijing and to cancel my cards asap.

Just then CiCi called to say hi and that's how I started working as an Escort.




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