“It feels better having an escort. I don’t have many escorts in my life. But I don’t like to enter rooms by myself. Literally. So I understand from that point of view why that exists. It’s great to have one person that does not judge you and you can kind of confide in.”

Lauren Bacall


(On 2007 movie ‘The Walker’, which is about a society escort who squires rich Washington wives around town.)

The word "escort" sounds differently in any corner of the world, for example escort in Dutch is not going to begeleiding, accompagnement, in French is reconduisons, convoyage, escortez, reconduisez, in addition German is Geleit, begleiten, in Italian language is seguito, scorta, in Norwegian is ledsage, eskorte, in Portuguese is escolta as well as in Spanish is acompa ar, sequito, escoltar, escolta. Many people use this word, but only a few people know the exact meaning of it wording. I will give you more common definition:

1. A person who accompanies a child or dependant on a journey. A person who leads a excursion group.

2. A man or boy having a woman or girl in public.

3. To assist, for example a woman, employed more than a business, to act as a date on the social activity.

4. Protection, care, or safeguard on the road or excursion; as, to travel underneath the escort of a friend.

5. The one which conducts some one as an attendant.

6. A body of armed men to attend a person of distinction with regard to affording safety.

7. British men's older magazine, which specialised on printing pornography and erotica.

8. A brand of cigarette that's popular in Australia.


There are a lot more definitions of the word "escort", but many people use this formula for explaining an individual (often a female), employed over a business, to act as a companion for any social and private events. A female escort actually reaches whole, wise woman, confident in she is, who brings inspiration, serenity and ethics, not corruption. This lady always decides when and with whom as a pleasure provider and sexual healer, she is not an agent who has to do things she does not enjoy, in order to pay the woman's bills. She provides a higher quality experience compared to a high-class escort experience or a husband or wife experience. She is an extraordinary operator, from her luxurious, attractive, immaculate appearance and elegant appearance, to her vino and art appreciations, intelligent manners for example to her excellent schooling. An take girl invests in music knowledge and also dance abilities, and it's not a surprise that always she speaks several languages, plays one of these instrument, and has the ability to start fullfill all dreams and desires.


These talents are not just God given talents, it is because of long-time training and practice. An escort is a person a healthy mind, who consciously consumes well, exercises regularly, and makes smart, prudent choices about where she go and whom she allows to socialize with her. She carefully selects her clothing, elderly and elegant look, make-up and etiquette. A clear, charming, immaculate, natural, nutritious image is her aim. She tend to bring more erotic heels and outfits with her to wear throughout her intimate entertainments, only her public image is classic and elegant. They are genuinely high-calss, elite women of basic safety in all aspects, at all charges.


Sometimes a man can find himself falling in love with her, but needs to remember this is not real - this is the reason why he pays for her company. He pays for her attractive, deluxe appearance, good mood and giving acceptance. There is a reason why she's his fantasy woman, and why that ends whenever they become too close. Very often a companion doesn't would like to change her life, she prefers liberty in her lifestyle. It's like including a bird, you can catch the most beautiful bird in your life in cage, but it doesn't mean that she will be the same all time. That's why an beijing escort prefer business model and don't want changes. She must care, respect and treat you, but a life together is what makes her just like the others.

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