Beijing Escort Agency: Sexual Role Plays

There are many kinds of erotic role-plays, many of which are as old as time it self.

First off a sexual fantasy is a game, although it may incorporate a fetish or some kind of sexual fixation and may well have been created to satisfy fetishist needs; for example a masochistic or subservient man may well enjoy a “female boss” fantasy, however a person with neither subservient or masochistic fixations may also enjoy such a fantasy type game. When choosing an escort clients interested in role-plays and fetish type games should look for words like “kinky”, “open minded” or “sexually open” in the girl’s description, if it says “domina”, “dominant”, “dominatrix”, “submissive” or “subservient” you can pretty much figure out whether if it is you or her that’ll be playing “Izaura the slave girl”!!!

1. Doctors and Nurses

This is one of the oldest sexual role-plays and is often quoted along with the “birds and the bees” as being the first time boys and girls experiment with sex, however these first experiences can create powerful conscious and unconscious memories and even revert the subject to his/her first genital experience.

2. The Naughty School Boy

This is probably one of the most famous role-plays and of course it is very popular with masochists the world over. There are many variations but typically it involves adult spanking or caning or some kind of physical punishment, it can be adapted to incorporate many kinds of fetish; for example a client with a foot fetish may well be forced to lick the teacher’s feet in this kind of role-play. For this type of role-play to be successful the use of certain key words can be very important, for example, “this hurts me more than it hurts you” or “this is for your own good” is a classic line for the teacher to use just before commencing physical punishment.

3. The Naughty School Girl

This is pretty much the reverse of “ the naughty schoolboy”. One of the key factors is of course a school uniform! It is essential that the client finds a girl that is comfortable with being spanked or punished in any way he deems fit however this is not that hard as there are many escorts that actually enjoy a good spanking!!

4. Chinese Rope Work AKA Kimbaku

This type of game, also known, as “suspension bondage” is very famous in China where many say it originated. This is a famous traditional type of fetish role-play and is popular with many dominant, or sadistic men who enjoy punishing and humiliating girls, again it is essential to find a girl that is happy to be dominated and humiliated. Many Chinese escorts actually enjoy rope-play and suspension bondage. Some time in the merchant navy would also be a plus.

5. Master/Slave or Mistress/Slave.

This is one of the most popular types of sexual R/Ps and there are many, many variations!!! They often involve the slave being humiliated or punished physically or sexually but not always, in many cases the slave is simply restrained for a long period of time, in other cases the slave is “smothered” by the mistress, which then becomes “arse worship”. There are lots of mistress and slave and master and slave type role-plays. It is often a good idea to look for escorts that are described as “naturally dominant” or “naturally submissive” or “naturally subservient” as such people are more likely to enjoy being dominated by you or dominating you, this will make the experience infinitely more pleasurable as it will feel much less like a business transaction and much more like a genuine sexual experience. Just imagine if you find an escort that actually enjoys receiving or inflicting pain!!

6. Animal Play

This often ties in with a mistress/slave relationship, where the slave is often called by an animal name and is forced to behave like an animal and to be punished as an animal typically the slave is forced to behave like a dog or a pig crawling around on the floor and being called “dog” or “pig” by his master or mistress, eating out of a bowl and being punished like a dog. After punishment the slave is often rewarded or “treated” like a dog by being allowed to pleasure his mistress orally or otherwise. However there are many other kinds of animal play for example many men enjoy being treated like horses, this kind of animal play is often referred to as equine play or horse play and usually involves the mistress riding around on his back dressed in jodhpurs and riding boots, the slave will sometimes wear a saddle and harness in equine play. In this kind of play, while ownership and service is clearly implied very often there is no punishment as the horse is a strong good and loyal animal.

7. Goddess Worship

This is a type of role play where the subject worships the escort, she is a goddess and he is usually a slave or a servant of some sort, it may or may not include some type of pagan rituals, body worship, bondage or physical punishment. Of course it is often incorporated into some kind of master and mistress role-play. Many dominatrixes often specialise in goddess worship and mistress and slave type role-plays.

8. Gender Play

This is where one of the players takes the role of the opposite sex, as it is usually the guy being dressed as a woman it is often called “sissification”; very often in sissifiaction type role-plays the mistress forces the male to get dressed (or dresses him as a maid) as a maid and to behave like one, punishment is often but not always involved. The sissy will often be “used like a woman” sexually or otherwise.

9. Adult Babies

This usually involves an adult man wearing a diaper and being “mothered” by the escort most open-minded escorts will be OK with this as most women have some sort of maternal instinct, but you really need to find a special girl to change a soiled diaper!!!

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